fallen earth 10 day free trial

I haven’t been on “fallen earth” a great deal lately but I have been whittling away the distance to a crafting level. When I finish the load of air orbs (and the unpowered orbs), then attach to the battlestaffs – I may or may not be close enough to the level to break down and cut all the gems I’ve been saving to make Castle Wars rings, ruby amulets and diamond bolts. That is about all I make with the gems because those are things I can use or get the highest xp and/or gp. I do have a lot of sand and a good amount of seaweed so I can start the vicious air orb circle all over again………….sigh 10 day free trial but such great xp and gp in crafting and magic! As always, going to Lunar Isle to make the glass with the Lunar spell give you almost 1.4 molten glass per 1 sand/seaweed.

No update today so I am going to try to get the crafting level. Sigh….. So much has been happening in real life though. My sweet black cat, Meg, was sick and is now on the road to happy pouncing once again. She’s needed intense care, that included special food every couple of hours – so I am really tired right now. If any of you read MM’s eHow (My brother calls me double m) – you will notice very few stories or articles on animals. Even though I was raised with dogs (German Shepherds), I have avoided telling about my real life adventures (Which include going to New York, Florida, California and many states inbetween – for DOG SHOWS!) because an idiot teacher embarrassed me in front of everyone by screaming at me to stop telling dog stories. I know this sounds so dumb really – but that horrible scene really did the trick. (She was dismissed from teaching though – smiling) I have a hard time telling dog stories. As you can see from one of my articles, (How To House Train Your Puppy) I’ve had lots of dogs and cats – all of those pics are creatures I love – some still here and some gone now. I would not be exaggerating to say I tended at least 400 dogs, 200 cats and 17 cockatiels, 10 day free trial (raised a few clutches myself!) so far! I also have had experiences midwifing foals and bonding with horses. (Talk about stories untapped!) – fallen earth – any way – Meg is getting back on her beautiful black feet – sighing with happy relief. I made it a rule not to put real life pics on this blog – sorry. I use rl pics on Duelin’ Deals blog and eHow.

If you check out the How To Have Naturally Long Hair, you can see why I would like my character to have long hair. (My hair is growing like my farming – hehehehe! – weeds!) Hey – why do the guys on Runescape get to have hair to their waist? It should be even easier for girls to have that

back to crafting, after I check Miscellania and battlestaffs. (I am trying to stay in the top 200 farmers – blast it, it’s hard to stay up there now! One day not planting and I dropped 3 spots! I hope my Spirit tree is ready to health check!) Yup – Spirit tree is health checked – Smiling ! 10 day free trial