team syncaine vs team tobold

It’s time to get out and about on Runescape to find those sneaky Penguins and Jim, The Bear, again. Smiling…. Nice xp coming right up when I turn those points in.

Here is the list :

1.) Wilderness –Near Dark Warrior fortress entrance – Rock – 2 pts

2.) Lletya – Toadstool – 2 pts

3.) Sophanem – In the camel pen – Cactus – 2 pts

4.) Castle Wars –Near JiggJigg entrance – Rock – 2 pts

5.) Mage Arena/Al-Kharid – Just North of the Dueling Arena – Bush – 1 pt

6.) Sawmill/Lumberyard – Inside the Lumberyard – Crate – 1 pt

7.) Karamja – Just south of the Teaks/Mahogany cutting area – Bush – 1 pt

8.) Mos Le’ Harmless – Right on the Dock off the Charter Ship – Barrel – 2 pts

9.) Lighthouse – Right near the entrance of the Lighthouse – Rock – 1 pt

10.) Witchaven – Inside Seers’ pub – Rock – 1 pt

11.) Jim Bear – – Rimmington Well – 1 pt

As always, I list where they were when I found the penguins. Those little rascals can certainly high tail it in a very short amount of time so they could be on the other side of their territory by the time you are looking for them. Log into world 60 whether you can get into a Penguin clan chat or not. The crowds of people are really pretty good signs of where to look for those crates, barrels, cactus, mushrooms (oops – toadstools), rocks and bushes with webbed feet.

The good news this week – the Elven penguin is contained within the village of Lletya so none of the poison traps or need of anti-poison …. or even getting lost out there in the Elven lands.


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