moan of the day opinions

Runescape is bringing back the old Wildy and Duelin’ in the streets again. At least they won’t be bringing back the sleeping in bed rolls – let’s hope anyway! I am glad that will only be on certain worlds. Being challenged every step every where is a big pain. But – you guys know I am really a female – not just a guy pretending to be female – so you can’t be too surprised that I don’t want to fight with people, especially in the streets again. I do hope it’s voluntary because I would like to at least look around and watch the duels and fights in action. Too bad we can’t fence and use rapiers. The black long sword is cool as a thin sword but not quite right.

I do wish using the bank would stop changing the last menu screen we used in our inventory! First, it was reopening in the spanner page and now it’s always reopening in the stat page.

I am almost to a crafting level and sort of doing whatever I might have on hand. I save a lot of gems except sapphires. I will only save sapphires up if I need more gaming necklaces. I never cut all of my gems because you just never know what you might need in a quest – and when a quest needs something you don’t have, you can count on everyone else trying to buy it from the GE at the same time. Ok………… got it – finally!!!!!!

I now have a whole lot of castle wars rings, ruby ammys and diamond bolts! Also a lot of dragon hide armour to put on the exchange or high alk. I’ll see what gives more gp.

I am back to charging orbs, (I am – after all – ONLY 1.229 MILLION away from 99 Crafting – sigh……….) but I’ve been making stops at the spiders or the earth warriors on the way. Both drop a decent amount of gold charms and I slowly save them up this way but the earth warriors also drop lantas and other high herbs, natures, and laws.

Cyclecyco, alias Bear, (my rl brother) sent me some interesting facts in an email and that inspired me to write an article about how to find out if stuff is – Fact or False……..


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