goblin starting area story overview warning potential spoilers

Guess who’s turned 70? Why, yes Indrakshi, my Hunter, hit this milestone yesterday. I didn’t play WOW too much yesterday, but I was on long enough to hit the big seven oh.

This morning when I logged on I recpecced. I did about three respecs today before I decided on a Survival tree. I picked Survival since it’s the one I know the least about.

I’ve always been a fan of trapping, eyed up the talents like Lock and Load with envy. The only problem was it was located all the at the bottom of the Survival talent tree. What’s so impressive about this talent? When Indrakshi lays out her Immolation trap her next two Explosive shots or Arcane Shots cost no mana, have no cool down, and use no ammo. We love this talent a lot and have had a blast using it while testing out the Survival tree earlier today.

Although I was planning on running Utgarde Keep a few times today with Indrakshi but since this is a new style of playing for my Hunter I decided to test the spec out, while questing, in Borean Tundra to Goblin. It didn’t seem like a bright idea to test out a new spec in a Northrend Instance.

What are my first impressions of the Survival tree? I’m enjoying it immensely. I pulled out my kitty, Ubasi out of the stables. Initially she ws five levels lower than I, and I figured now would be a great time to level her. What’s Hanuman the white gorilla doing? He’s taking it easy in the stables. Ubasti he cat doesn’t hold aggro as well as my gorilla. Simply firing a Misdirection shot brings the mobs attention back to Ms. Kitty. If they get away again, well I have traps, Wyvern Sting, if there are more than one mob, and let’s not forget the trap if a third tries to join in on the fun.


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