Soul Calibur

This game is pretty much Tekken with good graphics, well lets start off, when I heard the praise this game has swept in, I knew I must rent it, the graphics are just incredible, the character design’s are cool too, the backrounds are nice and bright, but the thing I didn’t get was they put in a you-know-who character from Tekken in…. ?…..


I was quite surprised, the sounds and music, are also very nice, but I was fairly dissapointed in it too, this is an ordinairy fighter with some graphics, but do not get me wrong, well anyways on to the gameplay, your have a multiple choice of fighter’s at first (Tekken) and when you beat the game you unlock secret characters (Tekken) The boss is really cheap (Tekken) and you can pull off 6 hit combo’s by rapidly pushing X (Virtua Fighter) ——equals= Good (not incredible) Fighter.

Graphics 100/100–hehehe, I’m cheatin’ on this one a little bit…

Sound/Music 8/10–the charatcers voices are some what ok, and the music, is very nice and worth heard for…

Controll 7/10– Somewhat odd, and very easy to pull off…

Difficulty 6/10– I can beat these games on HARD in about 15 minutes

Overall 7 out of 10 — A cheap combo and fighting system covered up by graphics…. ordinairy fighter.

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