Mortal Kombat Gold review

Now don’t get me wrong, I love MK, I’ve been playin it since
the first MK, but what were they thinkin’ when they were
thinking up MK Gold, we have ever seen Tekken 3 ?

Graphics Mortal Kombat :

10, now this is the only part of the review that is
going to get a high score, 3,000 polygons a character? Thats
good, but heck it’s a DC game right? But with all the bugs
(i. e. vertexes, cage-goro,and dozens and dozens more) they
game just sux,and reduces the gameplay.

Sound : 6, same thing from MK4, except with the new
characters, there are sounds from MK2, and 3, not a whoop here.

Gameplay Mortal Kombat : OK, 5 old characters,and 2 old backrounds, first
off, I was unbeleivably disapointed in the fact that there
was nothing new to the olf characters, the fatalities,moves
and such,are the same,they even look worst they the previous
MK’s, take Barakas “Lift” fatatilty increddibly lame. And
Milleena’s fatalities are just reiko rip off’s . And with the
wide variety of bugs, this game is never fun.

Overall.Mortal Kombat.

there is only one good point to this game…. and
that is… oh wait sorry, I just saw a Final Fantasy 8
commercial, the are NO good pointes to this game. If you have
MK4, on ANY home system (that includes he better gameboy
version) then do not get this game….. I had the honor of
having the first used DC game in a store where I live,yep
that was MKG.

Rent or buy ? NEITHER !
Yes I was very dissapointed in this game, by pass this when
you see it on Blockbuster video DC shelf’s.

Overall: 3 out of 10


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