Dead Island Review

There has been a space of a few months since Dead Island has been announced with a lot of hype and fanfare. The main emphasis on this game based on the zombie genre is one of action. It involves a huge open world infested by zombies that you need to explore and discover.

You get to choose from four playable characters. Your world is infested by zombies and these four characters are the only ones that are immune to infection from the zombies. There is very little in terms of character development with the main emphasis being on combat and exploring the huge open world.

Gameplay of Dead island

The action is very satisfying : . You get to use melee weapons and get to beat up hordes of zombies as they charge at you. In the process you get to chop off the heads and limbs. The use of sound is particularly excelent. You get to hear the head chop off and at some stages you get to hear the zombies scream. This makes the game very captivating as you immerse in the world of zombies. You also get to respawn after 5 seconds of dying.

Online play is limited to a co-operative multiplayer with 3 players on the PSN network. Players can drop in and drop out. It would be beneficial to use a headset for communication. Your energy is limited and you have to find energy drinks to top up your stamina bar. The longer you use a weapon the more ineffective it becomes. So you have to keep on looking for new weapons. At some stages you can hop into a vehicle and go on a smashing zombie darby.

Dead Island is very rough around the edges and I doubt it will receive any critical acclaim. It also takes a while to get use to the melee combat system as instinctively you would expect to use guns in a first person shooter type of game. Later on you get to use guns, but this is limited. There is about 25 hours of gameplay and it is very entertaing exploring the beautiful island bashing zombies.


Game Review : Borderlands 2

Where do I start.  I usually begin these posts with an apology for not posting more.  Yeah…sorry.  I have been too busy, or my dog ate my posts or something, it’s not important.  What is important is what I have to say about Borderlands 2.

I spent a lot to time playing the original Borderlands, it was an amazing game and it is hard to believe that a sequel could live up to the original.  Before we get into whether Borderlands 2 accomplishes this monumental task, lets talk a little bit about what kind of games these are.

Borderlands is about killing things so that you can get their gear so that you can kill more things.  It is very like a First Person Shooter Diablo, in that the gear is the game.  I read somewhere once that games like this are like a Pinata.  You smash things open so that you can see what is inside.  Finding out what is inside is the important part.  Anyone can go down to the store to buy some candy, but it will never taste as good as the candy that comes out of an exploding corpse.  Maybe that metaphor fell apart at some point, but hopefully you get the point.

So, as far as pinata type shooty games go, Borderlands was one of the best.  It had a great story, great game play, and a great sense of humour.  I spent no less than one million hours playing it.  I am only about 10 hours into Borderlands 2, but I would say that it is better in every way.  The story is much more involved, you feel like your character is actually playing an important role.  There are cameos for the characters from the first game, making the world feel more alive with the continuity.  The game play is much more solid, the enemy AI is improved, it feels like a very polished game.  The sense of humour is fantastic, having me laughing out loud at times.

I would say more, but this game is very new and in all honesty I want to get back to playing it.

Playing Runescape : Another Day, Another Level

I worked on Summoning once I got back to the computer today. I am also working on a few other things in rl……. but now I’m making mith bars so I can get that last blasted 14k xp for the level. Yesterday, I went to the Yanille shard trader and swapped pouches for shards. That helps a great deal but – as I said in a previous post – you will never be able to trade in the top five familiar pouches because of the 5 level requirement.

I set up the extras for what I can see is the best xp for the least shards and I am looking forward to the day I can make the Unicorn Stallion ! Talk about a nice pet ! I am saving up unground unicorn horns every time I go to the Catherby planting area. I love that unicorn! (They will probably mess it up graphically before I can do them though – remember how really adorable the black ones in wildy were ? I actually wanted those as a desktop pet because they were so dang adorable!)

Ok got the level !

Shoot – it’s over 100k to the next level. This is getting into tough territory – phew! Now I can make the Obsidian golem – and I will get one out to show it here. It adds an extra 7 invisible mining levels so I will take it to my slayer assignment of Dark Beasts and get more rune ore while I have the golem out. I did a few of those so now I have less than 100k to go – just “feels” easier now, snickering…………………..

I did not notice any difference in getting the rune ore with my Obby golem out. It seems the Dark Beasts no longer drop charms…… my my my……….. Ok they drop a few – maybe once every 10 or 15 – at least during this set.

I do wish the bank would let us set that amount after 10 – I would set it at 200 or 100 and love to keep it that way – why does it always have to be your last x amount ? It’s irritating !

Well, back to my assignment and we’ll see if we get a quest tomorrow !

Runescape In The Guinness World Book of Records

it was in an August 2008, on Runescape’s news page…

RuneScape has entered the record books this week. The game has been recognised as the most popular free MMORPG in the world for the second year in a row, with a certificate awarded by Guinness World Records. That’s one record that Usain Bolt didn’t manage to get!

The presentation took place at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany, where RuneScape has been showcasing RuneScape HD.

Congrats Runescape ! Though we don’t all like the changes being made at times, we still can’t and don’t want to leave the game! It is the best all around game on the net! It offers more than war and fighting and is without child-like characters that look 12 but are wearing 40DD halter bras deco-ed in spikes…………

Runescape is pretty popular – and being in the Book of Records is definitely proof! When they said 130 million players – obviously they weren’t kidding! Whew! I am kind of surprised in a way. I knew I loved this from the start and I often see people in my library playing. (I sometimes go up to them and say – Hey check out Marlaine and Primefalcon on the game or this Musings blog.) Hehehe – I love this game! I actually started playing so I could work on dialogue for my stories but I learned a whole lot more! I see all kinds of people doing all kinds of things. People with incredible honor and people with no honor at all. I see cause and effect. I have met some wonderful people on the game who have become my real life friends for life. Of course, I met my husband who is from Australia – he was in Australia when I first met him and selling yew logs on Runescape.

What a story to tell future kids ! Laughing ! There was a mix up and some other guy stepped in to buy the logs Prime was selling, even though Prime said ok to my offer. I asked what happened with the logs – a bit peeved. Prime was so sorry, he said he’d go cut some more and left, quick – before I could tell him not to. He was so nice about it that I showed him the very best place to go do yews, fletch them, pick flax and spin, and then add the bow string, then finally high alk – all in one spot. Smiling………….. and that was our beginning. Funny part was – he never sold yew logs and I never bought yew logs – except that day. (This was before the Grand Exchange and trading limits – of course!) We knew each other more than a year before he came to Wisconsin to meet me in real life.

BTW – use Skype for internet long distance “calling”. It’s free to download and free to use. Prime and I talk to his parents for hours at a time for totally free! All you need is a microphone and speakers or a decent computer headphone with a mic.

I would like to add that tolerance is the best attitude with people on this game. I found out that one person who seemed like one of the worst people in the world was actually a 14 year old who was being shuffled around to different foster families and trying to act like it didn’t matter. Another was a wondering if either of his parents was coming home that night and if he would be getting anything to eat that day. Yeah, some of the stories were probably BS or a con, so I am not advocating giving personal information to anyone on the internet. Just be tolerant when someone is being snotty or crabby or whatever. You don’t have to end up married to them! But – as I always say to Prime when he is ticked off at someone – that person could be a 10 year old with abusive parents, even if the age limit is 13.

So – back to my next construction level – I still have a bit to go but it’s not impossible to get another level today. (I also broke down and bought 2k oak planks to get this done!)

Well – it’s the next day. I had to do some planking and a lot around here. I am under 100k to the construction level now though. I have been buying oak logs for 44gp each and taking half loads or Torte, the tortoise, to get extra logs while getting these planked. It seems a waste of runes to use Lunar Mage to make those planks……… Since I don’t need mage xp, this doubles my planks pretty fast really – but still boringggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, I will get the construction level in about an hour or so. I am watching a DVD about how to build a computer so it won’t be quite so boring…. smiling!~

I really like the toggle run on the upper circle menu! I still don’t always remember it’s there but it beats having to open up the options wrench/spanner. (Aussies and the English say spanner – and Prime says Australia and England have very little in common – ha!)

68k to go to level 89. I swear – once I have 99, I will never use the butler again! Instead of firing him, I will make him stay in my house with NOTHING to do! He will not be able to go to the bank to get anything out. He will NOT be able to give me notice! He will have no TV or Internet or access to a computer! No phone. His only free activity will be going to the back 40 to look at his gp horde! His only duty will be to clean my cat’s kitty litter box! I won’t need any of his stupid spiked tea and – in rl – I hate tea! No more of that ridiculous smirky happy face once I’ve paid him after his threats of quitting! He will have to ceaselessly pace the grounds 24hours a day – 365 days a year……………….!

FIFA 18 Review for Xbox 360 – end

Not only are Friends List leagues and tournaments possible in FUT18, but you can also represent your part of the world in the EA Sports Interactive Leagues mode that debuted in the regular Xbox version of FIFA 17.

FIFA 18 Tournament mode on xbox

EA Sports has also carried over its Be-a-Pro mode from Madden which allows players to lock into a single role for an entire match. And, stop the presses, Be a Pro will soon support five-on-five human action online, which is abnormal for an EA Sports title. We ’re not sure why the decision was made to release this upgrade via DLC after the gameÂ’s release, but we applaud the decision to even try such a thing. Even the video upload feature seen in everything from sci-fi shooters to racing games has been added to FIFA 18, which allows highlight reels to be created from the myriad game modes, and uploaded to an EA-hosted website. A new Tournament mode (over fifty authentic tourneys) and the same comprehensive manager mode as in recent FIFA titles rounds out the true definition of robustness in video game form.

The area of the next-gen FIFA franchise that unarguably needed the most attention was player control. Independent player and ball physics was a bold step in FIFA 17, but one that resulted in a bit of incongruity between user inputs and character actions. Much of the jumpiness from animation-to-animation has been rectified in FIFA 18, even though additional moves and animations have been added. An entire linkable skill move set is now in place for the advanced player that doesnÂ’t mind using the analog controls in a fighting-game like fashion. A left trigger modifier allows the left and right analog sticks to work similar to Fight Night punches, pulling off everything from step-overs to rainbow kicks. This new system is still a bit clunky though, as it muddies up the animation transitions once again, but thereÂ’s some real promise here when the system is combined with independent ball physics moments (similar to the result of NHL 18’s new Skill Stick system).

Animations and player control in FIFA 18

It seemed fitting for Electronic Arts to clean up the shooting dynamic while they were tweaking the player control. FIFA 18 features a ball striking system more advanced than pretty much any other sport out there, taking into account player balance and speed, the height and bounce of the ball and the actual ranking of the character taking the kick. EA also paid particular attention to the fact that shots taken further out need more effort than those shot at close range, so the shooting gauge was re-mapped to reflect this. The gauge still seems a bit too sensitive for our tastes (even the shortest of button holds tends to create an 80%+ power shot) and could use some finer tuning. We do however love the new shot aiming system and the ability to set it to Assisted (shooting at left, right or center of the net), Semi-Assisted (the CPU computes the best quadrant for shot success) and Manual (player shoots exactly where you aim).

EA is finally taking a ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ attitude with their sports franchises, and it appears to be working. The gaming juggernaut is slowly building allegiances with the harder-core gamers that have been dogging the company for not stepping up as of late, which, in the long run, simply means better games for all of us. FIFA 18 is the embodiment of EA’s new attitude toward their SKUÂ’s quality and substance.

While this current FIFA is solid, EA still needs to put its best cleat forward and utilize this latest SKU as a stepping stone toward soccer game nirvana. FUT 18 is, however, an authoritative crossover step in the right direction.

FIFA 18 Review for Xbox 360

It’s hard to believe that EA’s FIFA franchise has been around since 1993. We’re talking grunge era folks; plaid flannels, the Gulf War, and not even an outside chance that Team U.S.A. would be a World Cup contender…or even be in the big dance for that matter.

FIFA 18 quality game

Things have changed a great deal from the early 90’s, both in the video game world and in the way that U.S. citizens embrace soccer. Systems are hundreds of dollars this day and age and rival many desktops in power, and many U.S. gamers are actually more excited for E.A.’s next-gen football that is NOT endorsed by Mr. Madden. But regardless of the console’s power or a country’s view on soccer, EA Sports has been there with a FIFA title for fifteen straight years.

FIFA coins and monedas fut 18

The one thing that no soccer fan has to worry about in FIFA 18, and has never had to worry about in an EA soccer game, is licensing. This title simply has more sports licensing than anything that has come before it, as it seems to have players and teams than there are people in Redwood City. While a pro hockey or college football game may have a few hundred teams and a few thousand players, FIFA 18 comes equipped with 576 licensed teams within thirty sanctioned leagues and a total of fifteen thousand players (we feel sorry for the EA interns assigned to FIFA 18’s data entry). And if you get fifa coins you can buy players in sub-market to gold-farmers like here for 50 000 fifa coins or for Spanish players for monedas fut 18

Having some obscure player or team in a professional sports game is only the be-all-end for sim junkies and those that simply must play with their hometown favorites or in the market place to change players (or buying fifa 18 coins). The rest of us non-club managers and casual soccer fans need serious substance to go along with the experience; that is, the title has to have a feature set at least around the status quo for a 2017 sports title. It did take EA two Xbox 360 iterations to finally figure this out, but they seem to have caught up nicely with the current trends in sports video gaming. We’re talking about online leagues of course, first and foremost anyways.

Pretty much, if it is soccer –related and it’s on this planet, it’s in FIFA 18. That’s authenticity taken to its apogee. Better-than-average facial and body maps (players still look greasy though), stellar animation sets and realistic pitches help to make FIFA Soccer 08 feel more authentic too. Bottom line: If we had separate scoring for “Licensing and Authenticity” wed give FUT 18 a ten, and probably petition to have the maximum score changed to eleven.

Title number 18 –FIFA 18– is EA’s most complete soccer title to date. On paper, FIFA 18 is packed with the features that soccer players expected in the previous two FIFA next-gen titles, but EA was unable to completely deliver. We’re talking about online leagues, advanced ball striking physics and analog stick player maneuvers that are both signature and free-form at the same time. But as we all know, video soccer games are played on pitches and EA’s and not on a legal pad, and EA has built up somewhat of a reputation as a “paper champion”. To their credit, EA has put out some of the finer sports games ever with the latest versions of the NHL and NFL franchises, so there are some seriously high hopes for FIFA 18, especially after perusing its feature sheet.

to follow…

Mortal Kombat Gold review

Now don’t get me wrong, I love MK, I’ve been playin it since
the first MK, but what were they thinkin’ when they were
thinking up MK Gold, we have ever seen Tekken 3 ?

Graphics Mortal Kombat :

10, now this is the only part of the review that is
going to get a high score, 3,000 polygons a character? Thats
good, but heck it’s a DC game right? But with all the bugs
(i. e. vertexes, cage-goro,and dozens and dozens more) they
game just sux,and reduces the gameplay.

Sound : 6, same thing from MK4, except with the new
characters, there are sounds from MK2, and 3, not a whoop here.

Gameplay Mortal Kombat : OK, 5 old characters,and 2 old backrounds, first
off, I was unbeleivably disapointed in the fact that there
was nothing new to the olf characters, the fatalities,moves
and such,are the same,they even look worst they the previous
MK’s, take Barakas “Lift” fatatilty increddibly lame. And
Milleena’s fatalities are just reiko rip off’s . And with the
wide variety of bugs, this game is never fun.

Overall.Mortal Kombat.

there is only one good point to this game…. and
that is… oh wait sorry, I just saw a Final Fantasy 8
commercial, the are NO good pointes to this game. If you have
MK4, on ANY home system (that includes he better gameboy
version) then do not get this game….. I had the honor of
having the first used DC game in a store where I live,yep
that was MKG.

Rent or buy ? NEITHER !
Yes I was very dissapointed in this game, by pass this when
you see it on Blockbuster video DC shelf’s.

Overall: 3 out of 10